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You can make cotton candy at home with a rental machine

Cotton candy always brings back memories of exciting outings with family and friends to the circus or carnival, watching the candy maker at the fair spin out this bright flossy delight.

You never know when your kids start craving for cotton candy. And if they demand this fluffy, sugary delight in winter, when there are no fairs or carnivals in town, then they are in for great disappointment and you could be in big trouble. Well, all is not lost when you can get a cotton candy machine rental. You can rent or buy an easy to use counter-top cotton candy machine and make cotton candy right at home. You can even rent a cotton candy machine online. There are many online stores that offer convenient short and long term rentals. So if you plan to use the machine only for a day or two or even a week, it would be wiser to rent it. Buying a cotton candy machine makes sense only if you think you will use it regularly and more often, for events like birthdays, family parties or community events like fund-raisers or if you plan to rent it out in your neighborhood and supplement your income.